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What is a Smart Page Design?

It's not a traditional multi-page website, it's not a landing page....it's in the middle.

A Smart Page Design is a hand coded, professionally designed, single page, responsive website. All of your content and imagery are served up in strategically placed blocks of information that lead to your particular call to action and marketing message.

This streamlined, straight forward approach makes it easier for your visitors to quickly understand what your message is without leaving the page or being distracted by "link hunting" for additional information. They can simply scroll up or down to find what they need.

Because of the mobile revolution, people love to scroll and we take advantage of it. From a design standpoint, scrolling allows you to decide the order in which your content is presented to your audience, creating a "guided tour" of your message.

Each Smart Page Design is customized and uniquely created to match your individual brand colors and content.

Finally, a Smart Page is about cost. If you are a small business owner or an individual who offers a service, why pay for a bloated, slow-loading, multi-page website when a single page featuring a faster, well focused message can get the job done?

smart page, single page website, one page website

Examples Of Our Designs

To view live website, simply tap on an image below.

smart page design, sinngle page website, one-page website

Benefits of a Smart Page

It's everything you need to showcase your business for a great price.


The cost of a Smart Page Design is far less than a traditional multi-page website and, because of it's simplicity, it is much easier to maintain and update.

Mobile Friendly

Our Smart Page Designs are optimized to deliver your message quickly and look professional, whether your customers are on a desktop, smart phone or tablet.

Fully Customized

Each Smart Page Design is hand coded and customized to match the look and feel of your branding colors and images. We don't use templates.

this is a smart page layout

Pricing & Packages

We offer 2 affordable packages to choose from.

basic smart page package

A Smart Page BASIC package includes a single page, responsive website customized to match your branding and message.

Our Smart Page PLUS package includes everything found in the BASIC plan, plus two customized social media banners.

Hosting & Maintenance

We also offer a hosting and maintenance plan which includes updates and edits to your Smart Page Design for a yearly fee. Ask about our plan when you schedule a FREE consultation.

smart page design plus package

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If you are not sure, we invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about our Smart Page Designs.

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